Antitrust Law & Government Regulation of Business

It is a given that, even in a free market, government seeks to regulate business.  To assure competitive markets, government often calls upon the antitrust laws that have been in force for over a century.  However, those same well intended laws can prove dangerous to your business in the hands of overzealous government bureaucrats or unscrupulous competitors.

The Long Island, New York firm of Sabino & Sabino can offer you expertise and knowledge in overcoming the daunting challenges of antitrust law and other forms of government regulation.  We can assist you in better understanding, defending, and resolving charges of monopolistic or other anti-competitive behavior.  Likewise, we can assist you in recognizing when such unlawful practices are being perpetrated upon your business, and advise you as to your options to seek government intervention or bring your own private cause of action.

Interrelated to our other practices areas such as Complex Federal Litigation and White Collar Crime & Defense, Sabino & Sabino enjoys capabilities in a number of substantive domains where we can assist you in resolving complex regulatory matters.

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